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Blue Cart Recycling Tip of the Month

Apr 4th, 2017 | By | Category: City News

Say no to Stringy Things!

Hoses, electrical cords and rope, oh my! Because they get caught in the machines at the recycling facility, keep stringy things out of your blue cart.


If it dangles, it will cause a tangle! Please do not put these items in your blue cart.

  • No garden hoses
  • No  rope, string or yarn
  • No electrical cords, cables or wire
  • No Christmas tree lights

What should I do with these items instead?

  • If the item is still usable, consider donating to charity, giving to family or friends or posting on an online bartering site like Kijiji.
  • If the item is broken, it should go in your black cart as garbage.
  • Still not sure what to do with your stringy item? Use the online search tool at ca/whatgoeswhere to find the answers.

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