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Good Turn Week: April 29-May 7

Apr 10th, 2017 | By | Category: SCA News

This April 29th – May 7th is ‘Good Turn Week’, a youth-driven initiative created by Scouts Canada to inspire every Scout and Canadian alike to make the effort to deliver simple acts of kindness. The 215 Strathcona Cubs ‘A’ pack, one of the local Scouts Canada groups active in the community, have been working together to make their community a better, brighter place by creating the Youth to Youth Caring Project (YYC). The YYC project will be doing this by having the cubs build care packages for young people less fortunate than themselves and distributing them in partnership with the Boys and Girls’ Club of Calgary (BGCC).

When tasked with learning about kindness and community by their leaders, the Cubs decided to do something to specifically help give homeless youth in Calgary what they believe are necessities for life. Citing how all kids need food, warm clothes, and a place to sleep, as well as love and perhaps a little bit of fun, the Cubs were tasked with creating care packages that include essentials, such as socks, underwear, and toothbrushes. In their lairs, the Cubs will be assembling the kits, deciding on their contents, and learning how to budget for bigger gifts, which may include gift cards to recreation facilities, or cozy blankets. This project is meant to teach the Cubs what it means to be homeless and live in poverty, empathizing with the plight of youth not as fortunate as themselves, as well as teaching them how important careful planning and budgeting can be in community projects.

The BGCC will be collaborating with 215th Strathcona to distribute the packages among youth who have found themselves homeless on Calgary streets. This club works to provide the youth with community supports, care, and development, with the goal of giving marginalized young people the safety and skills they need to thrive.

By allowing the Cubs some freedom to choose how they will be contributing to their packages, the Cubs have the freedom to be creative and truly operate using the Scouts Canada Canadian Path principles of youth leadership, teamwork, and local and global citizenship.

The pack would first like to thank the communities of Strathcona, Aspen, Christie, and West Springs for their support and generosity this past year and through out other campaigns. The pack would like to spread awareness about child homelessness in Calgary and raise support for projects similar to their own. If you would like to support, you can spread the word about GTW online through #GoodTurnWeek, tweeting @215strathcona and @scoutscanada. You can also check the BGCC website and the GTW website for more details about how you can join in.

Through their efforts, these cubs are showing that anyone can make a difference in their community if they just find a project worth supporting, work as a team, and do their best to make the world a bit more awesome one step at a time.

Submitted By Emily Gartner and Heather Lilles

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