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Recycling 101 – Get back to the recycling basics

Feb 9th, 2019 | By | Category: City News

Paper and cardboard

Recycle all cracker boxes, delivery boxes, coffee cups, flyers and other paper items.

Tip: Break down boxes to make more room in your blue cart.

Bundled plastic bags and wrap

Bag your bags. This includes all stretchy bags like grocery bags, shopping bags, bread bags, produce bags, shipping bags, cling wrap and bubble wrap. Stuff into one plastic bag and tie closed.

Plastic containers

Is your plastic item a container like a yogurt tub, pop bottle or milk jug? If yes – rinse and recycle it. If no, put in the garbage.

Tin cans and tin foil

Crumple up tin foil and pie plates into a ball before recycling.

Glass bottles and jars

Rinse out food residue before recycling.

Your blue cart is for household paper, packaging and containers. If it isn’t one of the materials listed above, don’t put it in your blue bin.

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