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West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns

Updated June 4, 2019

Airport Authority Committees Ineffective in their Community Role

When an aircraft concentrated corridor and busy flight paths suddenly appear over a community, where, and to whom, do residents turn for solutions? Aside from contacting elected representatives, there are airport authority organizations that are required to engage with communities. Are these organizations effective in their community engagement role? Unfortunately, they have shown they are not, especially if your community is located nowhere near the airport.

In Calgary we have the Airport Community Consultative Committee (ACCC), a venue for communities to connect with aviation groups (i.e. Calgary Airport Authority, NAV Canada, Transport Canada, and the airlines) to discuss concerns as well as ask questions. This committee is important because currently this is the only way for communities to interact with these aviation groups on a regular basis. The Calgary Airport Authority states that the ACCC is a community-based group, but the bulk of each quarterly meeting consists of aviation industry reps stating how effective the flight paths over communities are, and trivializing or ignoring the overall issue many communities have with high volume air traffic and noise.

These meetings are also not open to any interested/affected Calgary resident, but restricted only to the elected Boards/nominated representatives of the various Calgary Community Associations, or politically elected representatives. Calgary Signal Hill M.P., Ron Liepert, has told us that members of his staff will not attend.

The March 2019 TRAN Report, Assessing the Impact of Aircraft Noise in the Vicinity of Major Canadian Airports, notes that there is inadequate consultation, transparency, and oversight exercised by individual airport authorities. As part of its list of recommendations, this report calls for greater transparency and enhanced public participation in any airport authority decisions or operational changes which could increase noise pollution. We look forward to the implementation of this recommendation and a complete refocus of the ACCC into a productive partnership with Calgary communities.

What can you do to voice your concerns about the aircraft noise and volume in your community? Contact our M.P., Ron Liepert (, 403-292-6666).  As a member of the TRAN Committee which produced the recent aviation noise report, he is in an important and unique position to advocate for his constituents who are affected by aircraft noise.

Submitted by West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns Committee, @info_wcatc



Created by: Cathy Duke -- Last Modified: June 4, 2019