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Updated November 26, 2018

Open House re: Airplane Noise in Calgary Signal Hill

On November 15th Ron Liepert, M.P. for the riding of Calgary Signal Hill, held an Open House on the topic of airplane noise. Also present at this event were Mike Ellis, MLA for Calgary West, Jeff Davison, Councilor for Ward 6, Bob Sartor, CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority, and several other representatives of both YYC and Nav Canada.

Despite the fact that West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns Committee (WCATC) representatives made a presentation to Mr. Liepert on the topic of aircraft volume and noise almost 3 years ago, this event marked the first time that he has acknowledged that this issue exists in his riding. It is encouraging to have him make this first important step towards finding solutions to the enormous volume of noisy aircraft above our communities. We now look to him to initiate the next steps and set definitive timelines which will produce real results.

Despite minimal advertising, a large number of angry and articulate residents attended this open house.  Topics raised by residents included: the disruption of sleep by overnight cargo flights; dismay that urban corridors are heavily utilized while rural corridors are seldom used;  lack of noise monitoring in our area of the city; inability to communicate with anyone “in the know” because no one from the aviation industry accepts full responsibility for this issue;  the fact that taxes are increasing while our quality of life has plummeted;  and the lack of noise restrictions in the aviation industry when compared with, for example, the oil and gas industry, which is governed by strict day and nighttime decibel restriction regulations.

The responses from the members of the panel were informative but it was noted that YYC provided incorrect information and facts that did not pertain to our area of the city. The residents wanted answers but no concrete solutions were offered. No next steps were offered and no clear plan of action was given by anyone on the panel.

In his concluding remarks, Ron Liepert stated that it may very well be that “nothing can be done” to alleviate our situation. This is not acceptable for the communities which he represents.  Solutions do exist:  corridors can be relocated, alternated or widened.

The federal government TRAN Committee, of which Ron Liepert is a member, is presently holding hearings assessing aircraft noise in the vicinity of major Canadian airports. They need to hear from you. Send you concerns to: You can listen to the past presentations on this issue here:

We also encourage you to continue sending your concerns to your elected representatives and YYC officials. See our website for links.


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