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West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns

Updated August 27, 2019

Why are the skies above our communities so noisy?

  • Concentrated Corridors. There are multiple concentrated arrival and departure flight paths over our communities. The corridor above Sarcee Trail is one of the busiest for air traffic.
  • High Volume Flight Paths. There are several busy east-west paths which impact communities west of Sarcee Trail. These flight paths often intersect the Sarcee Corridor.
  • There are, on average, 100 aircraft flying over us every day. This number can rise to 150+ planes per day over some communities.
  • Interval. Planes are often only 2 to 5 minutes apart.
  • Turboprop Aircraft. All aircraft create distinctive noise but prop planes, which are often flown over our area to and from destinations in B.C. and northern Alberta, are exceptionally noisy.
  • Helicopters. We seem to be beneath a helicopter flight path as well. Are they training, sightseeing, traffic reporting, surveying? Why are they permitted to regularly use the busy airspace above us?
  • Overflights. Planes at, or near, cruising altitude are also above us and do produce noise. This is a relatively minor issue when compared to the noise of the specific YYC traffic but it does add to the overall level of noise.
  • Elevation. Our hilly neighbourhoods are at an elevation of approximately 3800 feet and this may add to the intensity of the aircraft noise which we experience.
  • Inbound and Outbound Flights. The Sarcee Corridor and other routes are used by both arriving and departing flights, sometimes simultaneously. This leads to a situation of planes criss-crossing one another above us.
  • Indirect Flight Paths. Planes often take a circuitous route out of YYC. For example, flights to Frankfurt or Amsterdam will sometimes take off south, bank west, and then head north on the Sarcee Corridor. This indirect path unnecessarily traverses an enormous swath of communities.


Please continue to voice your concerns to Ron Liepert, M.P. for Calgary Signal Hill (, 403-292-6666). As a member of the TRAN Committee which produced the recent aviation noise report, he is in an important and unique positon to advocate for his constituents affected by aircraft noise pollution.


Submitted by West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns Committee, @info_wcatc



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