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Line Dancing (SCA CA)

SCA Line Dancing (Mary & Peggy)

SCA Line Dancing is a great way to learn the ropes while getting a great mental & physical workout all at the same time!  Line dancing provides a physical challenge of coordination and timing, as well as the joy of getting into a rhythm with the music.  We dance to a variety of music types:  pop, Irish, Latin, rock-n-roll, and sometimes even country!

Participants with little or no experience are invited to join either our Beginner class at 2 pm or our Improver class at 1 pm which take place in the Founders Room and are taught by Peggy.

Intermediate & High Intermediate classes are taught in the main hall by Mary


Please note that new dancers joining a class may be asked to switch to a lower level class, at the instructor’s discretion.

Fall 2019 – Wednesdays, September 25 to November 27 (10 weeks)

#1: Beginner, 2-3pm

#2: Improver, 1-2pm

#3: Intermediate (Level 4) 2-3pm

#4: High Intermediate (Level 5) 1-2pm

$85.00 + $4.25 GST = $89.25 (10 weeks)


Winter 2020

Wednesday January 8 to March 18 (no class Feb 12)

#1: Beginner (Level 1) 2-3pm

#2: Improver (Level 2/3) 1-2pm

#3: Intermediate (Level 4) 2-3pm

#4: High Intermediate (Level 5) 1-2pm

$85.00 + $4.25 GST = $89.25 (10 weeks)



Register online or call the SCA CA office 403-249-1138, or visit in person.

Older Adult DROP-IN (Peggy) – All levels – $5/class

Friday September 27 – December 13, 1-2 pm

Friday January 10 to March 20, 1-2 pm

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