Phone: 403-249-1138

Line Dancing (SCA CA)

 DROP-IN – $5 per class

All Levels – Fridays 1-2pm

April 7 – June 23 (No class April 14)


SCA Line Dancing (Marie & Peggy) BOGO – $126.00 OR $80 + $4 GST = $84

April 5 – June 7

Beginner (Level 1) Weds 2-3pm

Improver (Level 2) Weds 1-2pm


April 5 – June 14 (No class June 7)

Easy Intermediate (Level 3) Weds 1:35-2:35pm

Intermediate (Level 3+) Weds 12:30-1:30pm


SCA Line Dancing is a great way to learn the ropes while getting a great mental & physical workout all at the same time!  Line dancing provides a physical challenge of coordination and timing, as well as the joy of getting into a rhythm with the music.  We dance to a variety of music types:  pop, Irish, Latin, rock-n-roll, and sometimes even country!

Participants with little or no experience are invited to join either our Beginner class at 2pm or our Improver class at 1pm which take place in the Founders Room and are taught by Peggy.  Low intermediate and intermediate classes are taught in the Main Hall by Mary & Marie.


Register online at or call the SCA CA office 403-249-1138, or visit in person.

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