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Byte Camp

2018 Camps

For ALL Byte Camp Courses:
– Have a look at for thousands of great samples from previous years!
– Lots of time during the week is devoted to outdoor activities so that your child is always fresh for new challenges
– Final projects will be posted on-line and handed out on a take-home USB

Introduction to Coding: July 3-6, 9am-4pm, $280, Ages: 9-12yrs

Discover how much fun it is to build your own game! Students will be introduced to basic coding skills with easy to use drag-and-drop software, and get to use those skills to make their very own games. Students will also learn how to create their own 2D vector artwork to make characters and levels that are entirely their own. The final project is a game that you can take home on USB or proudly share with friends online.


2D Video Game Design: July 9-13, 9am-4pm, $280, Ages: 11-14yrs

Learn how to build an HTML5 game from the ground up using awesome free tools.  This is a coding camp, so be prepared to challenge yourself and learn some new skills.  Time will be spent learning how to create advanced 2D vector artwork and animated character sprites to make your game look great.  The final project is a game you can take home on USB or proudly share with friends online. No previous experience is required however Byte Camp’s Introduction to Coding is recommended.


Claymation Movie Production: July 23-27, 9am-4pm, $280, Ages: 11-14yrs

Make your own clay characters come to life, just like Shaun the Sheep! Participants will work with a partner to build their own clay characters, sets and props; develop their own script; shoot their movie scenes; and then learn to edit and add sounds and special effects to complete the whole project. Don’t worry parents, there will be plenty of time devoted to outdoor games and activities!


3D Animation: July 30-August 3, 9am-4pm, $280, Ages: 11-14yrs

Dreaming of a career with PIXAR? Ever wonder how those awesome 3D animated movies like Shrek, Toy Story and Frozen are made? Spend the week learning how by modeling, animating and telling your own stories in 3D. You’ll use Blender, a wonderful (& free!) 3D software, to design characters that jump off the screen and then make them come alive by adding voices, soundtracks and completing your own animated short film. Final projects are usually group projects with each student contributing a character and a scene.


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