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Clown Elementary




Ages 8-12 years

Camps will run from 8:30-11:30 am during the following weeks:

July 24, 26 & 28

July 31, Aug 2 & 4

Aug 8, 9 & 11

Aug 21, 23 & 25

Clown Elementary – Magic, Circus and Balloons

Ever thought about running away with the circus?  Why not learn the skills first!  With Clown elementary we teach you all the basics of performing magic, twisting balloons and manipulating loads of circus props.  Each day will be something different and will leave you with skills you can keep for a lifetime!  Day 1 we teach the basics of Balloon twisting, learning a minimum of 5 balloon sculptures. Day 2 we will be teaching a magic class, showing you everything you need to put on your own mini Magic Show.  Day 3 we teach you the basics of 20 different circus props such as juggling, plate spinning, devil sticks, staff spinning, stilt walking, and more.  Each individual signed up will receive a goodie bag, filled with everything you need for each of the classes, that you then get to keep!  Access to downloadable PDF’s of the balloons we teach as well as video tutorials on the Balloons, Magic Tricks and Circus Props we will show during the course is also included so your learning won’t stop at the end of class, and parents, you will be able to learn as well!



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