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Children’s Birthday Parties

We have special pricing of $75/hour + GST + Recycling Levy for the Main Hall if your event is a children’s birthday party, with max 20 kids + 5 adult chaperones for a “traditional kids’ party”.  This gym-like space is ideal for running games (but no aggressive equipment-based sports), and is popular for Sportball or Zumba parties (you make separate arrangements for instructors).  It is big enough to accommodate a large bouncy-house (you make separate arrangements for rental).  If your child’s birthday party will be a large gathering with many families/adults and including seated dining & beverage, then banquet pricing will apply.

The nearby Founders Room can be booked as a stand-alone “party room” or in combination with the Main Hall for cake & presents.  It is ideal for a magician or Mad Science party (you make separate arrangements for these).

Our upstairs Loft is a large open carpeted area, good for activities such as Bricks 4 Kidz (you make separate arrangements) or other crawling/sitting games and activities – but no food & beverage or messy crafts are allowed on the carpet.  The adjoining North Room is provided at no extra cost as a “party room” for birthday cake & snacks.

Our Lower Level Atrium has a child-friendly ambiance with a large colorful mural.  It is suitable for magic shows, Mad Science, Bricks 4 Kidz, or birthday games, cake & presents;  it also has direct access to outdoor grassy space in summer – ideal for a small soccer game or game of tag, and in the winter it opens onto our skating rink, ideal if you want a hockey party or skating party.


Created by: Cathy Duke -- Last Modified: October 14, 2016