Winter cart collection tips

Snow and cold can bring some challenges in getting your blue, green and black carts picked up. But follow these winter tips and collection day will be snow big deal.

Putting out your carts

  • Clear snow and ice to put your carts on even ground. Place carts in a dry area so they don’t get frozen to the ground.
  • Don’t place carts behind or on top of snow banks.
  • Remember to space your carts – if you can walk between and around your carts easily, that should be ok.

Green cart

  • Crumple up flyer sheets into balls to line the bottom of your green cart. This will prevent material from sticking to the cart.
  • Freeze your food scraps before putting out into your green cart.
  • Put your material into the cart closer to pickup day so it has less time to freeze in the outside cold.

Blue cart

  • Clear snow off your cart lids, especially the blue bin. Keep the lid closed so that paper and other recyclables stay dry.

TIP: As you’re clearing snow off your vehicle, brush the snow off your carts at the same time.