Storytelling Alberta: StoryShare-By-Phone

StoryShare-By-Phone (SSBP) is an initiative of Storytelling Alberta in partnership with Calgary Seniors Resource Society that connects seniors, storytellers and volunteers as an antidote to isolation.

How it Works:
1. Any Calgary senior 65 years of age or older living in their own home, either alone or with one or two others, can request a StoryShare-By-Phone

• Via an online form:
• By phone: 587-5STORY0 (587-578-6790)

2. One of our SSBP storytellers calls the senior to set a story delivery date and time.

3. A storyteller/volunteer team contacts the senior via conference call.

4. The storyteller tells a story and the senior is invited to share a story from his/her lived history.

5. The volunteer provides the senior with connections to resources as needed.

The 20-minute sessions are designed to be entertaining, connect the senior to the larger community, and help improve seniors’ quality of life.

StoryShare-By-Phone encourages:

• Creativity through the art of storytelling
• Social inclusion
• Respect for seniors’ lived history
• Volunteer engagement and community kindness
• Connection to appropriate services for seniors