Canopy Expansion Program

Calgary Parks in continuing with the Tree Canopy Expansion Program in 2021. The program continues the mandate of Calgary Parks to increase Calgary’s tree canopy to 16%. As we know tress provide environmental benefits, contribute to positive mental health and enhance community connectivity.

Urban Forestry, through a partnership with Calgary Roads and Parks Urban Conversation, identifies potential planting sites. These roadside sites are low maintenance, semi naturalized and have no plans for expansion or interchange development for at least 10 years. Sites may be planted with a single planting event or have multiple planting events over several seasons.

Site plans are developed in the fall and finalized plan are communicated in early Spring.

Communities can provide input for sites during the planning process by contacting 311. The deadline for site input is October 31, 2020 for the following planting season.

The 2020 plan are complete and planting is currently set to begin late May/early June.

For more information on the program, including the 2020 planting sites, review the attached document.

Canopy Expansion Program_2020

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