Do you need assistance? VOLUNTEERS HERE!

Below is a list of community volunteers who would be willing and able to assist their neighbors with various tasks such as grocery shopping or even just a phone call to check in.




Christine, 403-861-6453,

Diane, 403-870-0523,

Kulwant, 403-681-5566,

Lenora (Aspen Ridge Cres), 403-998-6412,


Diane (Christie Knoll Heights), 403-837-6214,

Kim, 403-554-3775,

Nadine (Christie Estates Grove), 403-466-9111,

Cougar Ridge

Amy, 587-830-0334,

Myriam, 403-988-2545,

Nehad, 403-837-2543,

Patterson Heights

Selena, 780-238-4795,

Springbank Hill

Linda (Springbluff Blvd), 403-590-1776,


Cathy (Stratton Cres), 403-630-1296,

Chantel, 403-863-7545,

Dave & Laurie (Strathbury), 403-246-0416,

Elaine (Stratton Hill), 403-651-0476,

Evette (Stratton Cres),

Ione & John, 403-815-9030,

Jacqueline (Stradwick Rise), 403-826-7457,

Jane (Strathcanna Court), 403-249-9219,

Jason & Melanie, 403-540-4469,

Jayninn, 780-219-2945,

Jennifer, 403-870-0105,

Jude (Strathlorne Cres), 587-700-1150,

Judy (Strathbury Circle),

Kathryn (Stradwick), 403-993-5284,

Lara (Strathearn),

Lucy, 403-249-7669,

Marie-Lianne (Strathearn Cres), 403-809-6633,

Maureen (Stravanan Bay), 403-467-8900,

Merv (Strathridge Gardens), 403-200-8592,

Mervyn, 403-479-7424,

Michael & Jodi (Strathlea Close),

Nina (Strathcona Place), 403-630-4326,

Phil, Michelle & Greg, 403-710-9458,

Ryan (Strathlea Grove), 403-663-0742,

Sheila (Strathlea Manor), 403-969-4317,

Shelley (Strathcona Dr), 403-333-1926,

Stephanie (Strathcona Hill Rise),

Susan (Strathcona Dr),


Jacynthe, 403-478-1645,



West Springs

Natosha, 403-827-0706,


If you would like to add your name to the list, please send the information below to: or

  • Name
  • Community (Strathcona, Christie, Aspen)
  • Street name (optional)
  • Contact info (email and/or phone number)