Update: Strathcona Park Community Entrance Maintenance and Revitalization

HELLO to all Strathcona Residents!  You you may have noticed we have a new look!

Some of our ‘GARDENING TEAM’ were busy sanding and painting both the main wrought-iron gate sections and community sign as well as the lower sign, (at the intersection of Strathcona Drive and Strathcona Hill).

Thanks (from left to right) to Anna Fish and Jaime Enachescu, and a kind resident who provided snacks to Dale Fish and Jaime.  Unfortunately, Danica Mansell, Joyce VanZeuren, Kevin Thorvaldson, Colleen Flegal, Lorna Earl and Marlene Fritzler didn’t make it into a photo.   They were so busy sanding, painting, digging, weeding, planting, edging, trimming, watering, etc., it was hard to pin them down!

We’re delighted to welcome new volunteers to the team: Leonard Hendricks, Lenora Hanwell, Marilyn Carter and Christine Smith who we look forward to meeting in the near future.

If you’re interested in lending a hand (and some time), please send a message to: marlenefritzler@hotmail.com.

I think you’ll agree that with new paint and new finials, our community gate is looking fresh, updated and just plain awesome!

So, how does all this happen?   It all comes down people like YOU!   People who give generously of their finances, time, plants and shrubs, and local businesses like Canadian Tire and Lowes who’ve so kindly considered our community one they’ve been pleased to invest in.

Apart from being the recipients of a one-time, designated YYC grant, we are a unique, self-sustained group of volunteers who work together to create an aesthetically-pleasing first impression of our vibrant, healthy and beautiful community.

We’ve been encouraged in recent years with generous donations from several residents.  However, it takes ongoing injections of cash to maintain the integrity of our main entrance way.

What do we need?
Each spring, we need to replace specific plants that get eaten by our local wildlife  or just don’t survive the winter.
We need approximately 6 bags of black mulch each year, as well as bone meal for our plants and blood meal to discourage nibbling by critters large and small.  We also enrich our soil with coconut fibre so it holds more moisture.   Newly-open spaces could be filled with specific ground cover: either Phlox Subulata, Red Creeping Thyme,  or Dragon’s Blood Sedum.

Another plant we’re hoping to get more of: either Blue or Pink Cranesbill (ground cover native geranium: see photo)

How Can You Help?

If you have any of the plants or product mentioned above and you’d like to share it, we’d love to introduce it into our entrance way spaces.

If you prefer to offer cash, any amount is appreciated and valued.   It all adds up and makes a difference!  You can either drop it off at the community centre office (attn: Strathcona Gate Maintenance) or, if it’s after business hours, there is a secure mailbox outside, to the left of the main doors.

We would be delighted to acknowledge all donations, unless you request anonymity.

On behalf of your ‘gardening at the gate’ team, we look forward to partnering together to maintain a lovely and inviting community entrance way.

Submitted by Marlene Fritzler