John Costello School Inclusive Playground – Fundraising Campaign

Dear Family & Friends,

We know this year has been nothing anyone could have predicted but our parks have been our constant, providing us places and spaces to reconnect with nature, take a break from the stresses of everyday life, and regain a sense of normalcy. Today we are giving you the opportunity to help us bring about real change in our community. Despite the challenges Covid-19 has brought us we remain committed to making the John Costello Inclusive Playground Project a reality, but we need your help. We are asking for a small act of kindness that will go a long way. Please consider taking part in our fundraising campaign and donating to the John Costello Playground now by clicking HERE.

This spring, the John Costello Playground project will replace an old play structure with an inclusive one that serves children of a diverse group of ages and abilities.  This will create a meaningful space for everyone to gather, socialize, and play.  Its universal design will ensure that this playground will be a safe place to foster cognitive, creative, and social development, while encouraging healthy and active lifestyles.  Your donation will help us raise the necessary 315K (including the funds for the pathway leading to the playground) to make this project a reality, and it will impact future generations of children for years to come.

Please consider giving back and supporting your local community parks and projects. We are relying on your help to continue building this outdoor amenity for Calgarians to enjoy. Click HERE to donate now.


Gabriella Grabas

John Costello Council Chair