Healthy Minds projects at The Immigrant Education Society (TIES)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive layoffs, forced isolation, and tremendous financial, physical, and mental health stress in our community. To address these challenges, The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) has launched several mental health service projects.

The projects will support and enhance Albertans’ mental health during the pandemic through workshops, professional counselling services and a comprehensive and highly accessible information package. Our counselling services are free of charge. If you need to talk to a professional counsellor, please sign up for your Counselling appointment: HERE

Or  contact or call 587-392-4180

Or contact  TIES Healthy Minds

In addition to Counselling, we have regular workshops. Register for our workshops: HERE

Or contact or call 587-393-3414

A training certificate will be available at the completion of each one or a series of workshops.