Can you recycle clothing, shoes and textiles? Yes!

As you start your spring clean, don’t put textiles in the garbage! There are many ways to keep clothing, shoes and textiles out of the City landfills.

  • Donate usable clothing and shoes to local charities or drop-off charity bins near you. Be sure to contact them first to find out what types are accepted. If the charity bin is full, don’t leave it outside – only materials in the bins are accepted. Instead, hang onto your donation or take it to another bin.
  • Recycle clothing and textiles for free at a City landfill, even if it’s damaged. Our Throw ‘N’ Go accepts a variety of textiles including outerwear, shoes, reusable shopping bags, purses and backpacks, and more. Just make sure fabrics are clean and dry and place items in a bag before dropping off. If you bring other garbage in your load, landfill charges will apply.
  • Repurpose old cotton shirts by cutting into rags for household chores such as cleaning or automotive work. Textiles also make great projects and crafts with many patterns available online: sew quilts from denim and flannel, handkerchiefs from old t-shirts, or cushion covers from curtains.

Not sure how to properly dispose of an item? Visit for answers to hundreds of items.