Applications for ActivateYYC 2021 Grants Are Now Open

ActivateYYC 2021 is now accepting project submissions for this year, and to help increase the reach of our campaign we are looking for CALGARY ACTIVATORS to help promote this summer event!

ACTIVATEYYC 2021 provides groups and businesses with an opportunity to apply for twenty $1,000 and ten $3,000 dollar grants to create initiatives that seek to transform areas into walkable spaces for everyone to enjoy! You can find out the project details and requirements on our ActivateYYC website

To promote inclusivity and diversity, ActivateYYC 2021 will emphasize the idea of being part of a movement that elevates community. With the disconnect many people have felt in the past year, ActivateYYC 2021 aims to start a movement that bridges the gap between Calgarians while creating a space where people of all backgrounds can come together to be a part of something transformative!