Marda Loop Justice Film Festival Presents: KEY OF T and SEX, SIN & 69

When: June 8, 2021

Time: 5:30 – 11:59 PM (stream at your convenience between these times).

Both films will be FREE to watch!




What happens when you have to choose between who you are and what you love? Choral singer Ari Agha is faced with this dilemma when they consider testosterone therapy, which could cost them their singing voice. A dire lack of research on the topic makes it an even tougher decision. “Key of T” is the story of their decision, the journey of their voice transition, and what they did with the result.

Release year: 2020

Runtime: 12 minutes

Director: Ashley Chugg



SEX, SIN & 69


Sex, Sin & 69 is a 80-minute historical, retrospective film about the 1969 legislation to ‘decriminalize’ homosexuality. Told through contemporary voices including queer academics, historians, activists, educators, artists, and community builders, the film

attempts to challenge our understanding of queer history by shining a light on widely adopted misconceptions surrounding decriminalization.

Release year: 2019

Runtime: 80 minutes

Director: Sarah Fodey



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