SCA 40th Anniversary Art Contest Winners

2021 marks the SCA’s 40th Anniversary and we kicked off the celebration with an Art Contest open to all our great kids living in Strathcona, Christie and Aspen.  We invited young people to design a piece of art that reflects what their community means to them.

We challenged kids to get creative and use their imagination and the results were awesome!  We received drawings, paintings, digital art, lego, poetry … and even dragons!  Thank you to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to our three winners: Amar, Adaa and Karson!

The winners received their prizes courtesy of Telus and Colour on Fire Art Studio and School.

Their excitement was summed up nicely by Amar who said “Thank you so much for the cool prize. I love my community!”

Many thanks to our 3 judges Karin, Val and Tammy and to Marlene Bainborough for coordinating this event.

Check out some of the reflections on the pieces and all of the submissions below!

“My 6 year-old son, Amar, drew this community mural to illustrate his love for Aspen.  In his mural, he wanted to showcase how our community has evolved over time through diverse backgrounds and people, culture, food, clothing, recreational activities, and housing. This was a great creative project for him as he just learned about the word “community” and what it means in his Grade 1 Social Studies class. He included images of the First Nations community, Francophone community, scenery he loves including the mountains and activities he enjoys like biking on the many trails located in Aspen.” Randi, Amar’s Mom

“Strathcona is special to me because the ravine is beautiful and a fun place to walk day or night!” Gwinn, 7 years

“I love living in Strathcona because each home is unique in their own way. When I walk my dog everyone’s yards look so nice! They care about the community around them!” Kaisley, 10 years

“When I think of this area I think of the friendly chickadees in the Aspen trees.” Ellen, 11 years

“This is a single artwork installation created by three school friends individually, and then assembled together through zoom calls, playground subterfuge, mailbox drops and photo exchanges.  The art represents our community working together under difficult circumstances to create something beautiful. Each artist crafted their own interpretation of community, a trio of panels, a friendly spirit and a family of dragons and worked together to assemble onto a single cohesive reflection on their current world.”  It was created by Fallon M, Paolo M, Jonathon G, 11 years

“I love the SCA community.  I like how there is always an adventure around every corner.  If that is simply going for a walk or playing in the ravine or looking out at the city with a beautiful sunset behind.  You can do many fun adventures in our lovely community.” Teia, 12 years

“I love our community because of how welcoming it is.  Right when you see the sign at the entrance you know you are at home.” Gabby, 14 years (Digital painting using Procreate on an iPad)

Ages 6 – 8 years

Ages 9 – 11 years

Ages 12 – 14 years