SCA Re-Opening Information

SCA President’s Message – July 2021

Things are starting to hum at the Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Centre (SCA)!  I want to give you an update:

For July, the front doors of the SCA will remain locked in an abundance of caution for groups that are using the building.  Each group will be issued the code for the front door and instructions on conduct/cleaning while in the building.  Our Office Manager and Building Manager (Shelley and Trevor) will be in and out of the building, but we thought it best if we did not mingle the public with the user groups this early in the relaxation of Covid protocols.

In August, the SCA will resume reduced, regular office hours that will be posted, and the front doors will be unlocked during those hours.

In September (covid willing) we will return to regular posted office hours and at this time we will unlock the front doors.

Everyone at the SCA is excited to see programs, events and celebrations start filling the building again.  Keep an eye on the SCA website as new programs, information and opportunities are being updated daily.

Hold the date September 11th to help us celebrate the SCA’s 40th Anniversary – there will be cake!  Also, planning a ribbon cutting to officially open the new tennis courts and family fun activities.  This project could never have been realized during the past difficult year without the support of the City of Calgary and the Capital Conservation Grant, Parks Foundation Calgary and the Amateur Sport Grant, Telus, and donations from residents.  The SCA is deeply grateful for the support.

September will see the SCA Board convening with several new members.  This will bring fresh perspectives and renewed energy to the SCA Board as we move out of covid and into the future.  My sincerest gratitude to the new members and their commitment to our community.  I will make formal introductions in the fall.

So, for now, enjoy the summer – take that mask off – if you want, if it is appropriate or not at all.

Stay safe,

Maureen Smith – SCA President