ActivateYYC is back!

Do you have an idea that can enhance the feeling of safety and community pride in your community? An idea that can transform neglected space in your community into something meaningful? Or, an idea that will help change how people interact with a space in your community? The Federation of Calgary Communities’ ActivateYYC grant program can help you with that! ActivateYYC funds small temporary low-cost projects that help change how people use and interact with spaces.


You can partner with a Calgary community organization, community association, local business or business revitalization zone, and apply for one of ActivateYYC’s two grant options.


If you’re interested in doing something that will mobilize people to move differently in your community, re-imagine space into place or create a sense of neighbourliness, you can apply for the $1000 Walk, Play and Be Neighbourly grant. This grant could fund sidewalk art, buddy benches, garden competitions, beautification of chain link fences, etc. The sky is the limit!


Or, if your idea is focused on encouraging traffic calming, accessibility, safety and walkability, you can apply for the $3000 Bump Outs and Pathways grant. This grant can be used for projects on non-bus route residential streets or neighbourhood pathways; for example, a bump out activation that will narrow cross-streets so that car traffic is slowed and pedestrians, bikes and scooters can reclaim the streets.


This year, there is no application deadline. Application intake is ongoing until all funding is granted. So, if you have an idea for a small temporary low-cost project, apply fast! To get inspired by past projects, learn more about the application process and fill out an application form, visit

Be part of it!