City of Calgary UPDATES: Summer Jobs, Off Leash Ambassador, Flood Season, Urban Bee Keeping & More

A few updates which may be of interest to our community members:


City of Calgary Summer Jobs!

We’re Hiring! Do you know youth 16+ looking for a great summer job? We have openings for Recreation Leaders and Programmers to support summer programs and activities. We offer flexible hours and an opportunity to deliver exciting programs to children and youth. Visit our website for more information.


Off Leash Ambassador

Do you go to the off-leash park with your furry friend? Perhaps, you’re looking to be a paws-itive influence for the area? If so, sign up to be an off-leash ambassador volunteer. As a new volunteer, you’ll receive an orientation and training program that includes a review of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and an animal behaviour & safety session from a certified professional dog trainer. Visit to learn more… It’s the leashed you can do 🐶!


2022 Free, Fun Summer Activities – Join the fun!

 If you’re looking for something to do with family or friends, or a fun new activity for your child, check out the free programs and activities coming to communities across Calgary. From Park n’ Play and Stay n’ Play,Mobile Adventure Playgrounds to Wetland Wonders, families can enjoy Unplug n’ Play or drop into a Mobile Skate & Scoot location.  Adults can drop into Fit Park exercises guided by a trainer using the park’s fitness equipment.  Some activities are drop-in, and some require pre-registration, visit to see locations and dates and they’re all free!


Flood Season

As we prepare for high river flow season (May 15-July 15) we want to remind Calgarians the importance of being flood ready: know your risk, be prepared, & stay informed. Learn more & read about steps we’ve taken to prepare for this year’s flood season: Mountain snowpack is high, but river flooding to depend on rainfall (


City of Calgary Tree Watering

Did you know that once new trees are turned over from the developer The City will continue to water them based on their age?  Our commitment to watering newly planted trees is for a five year period, and this involves applying a pre-determined amount of water to ensure the roots get that water.


Smoking Ban in Parks

Council is currently considering a ban on smoking and vaping in all parks spaces. Engagement and research undertaken in 2019 demonstrated strong support for prohibiting smoking and vaping in parks and pathways. Cigarette butts are commonly referenced as the world’s most littered item. Prohibiting smoking in parks and on pathways may help to address the issue of litter in these spaces. Discarded cigarette butts continue to be a major contributor to grass and wildfires and further regulations in greenspaces may help to address these concerns It is expected the Bylaw which would ban smoking would come into effect August 1. Many of The City’s partners have a lease or licence of occupation on land owned or stewarded by Calgary Parks.  In these cases the ban would apply to the leased/licensed area. If you want your organization to be smoke free, no action is required. The Director of Parks can grant your organization an exception to the Bylaw for a small discreet smoking area, typically for staff. Organizations who want an exemption need to notify their liaison/Calgary Parks by June 30 in order to receive a sign before August 1. Once an exception has been granted by the Director of Parks, the area will need to have a sign stating that smoking is allowed.  For more information talk to your Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator.


Urban Bee Keeping and Licensing

 Beekeeping is a successful and growing hobby in Calgary. Through regulation and licensing of urban beekeeping, The City of Calgary will help address issues and create solutions for the benefit of bees, keepers and neighbours.  If you are interested in urban bee keeping or are already keeping bees, please see for more information.


Drought Engagement

Calgary has a reliable water supply today, but as we look to the future our rivers will face increased pressure from a growing population, climate change and more extreme weather like droughts. We’re looking at ways to be even more water wise outdoors and want to hear from you on a variety of potential drought resilience strategies, such as outdoor watering schedules and water-wise landscaping programs and incentives. Register for a virtual info session or share your thoughts at