Calgary Bike Swap: Max Bell Arena – May 4

We’re Chris and Laura and we didn’t feel safe buying or selling bikes online so we founded, fund, and operate Alberta Bike Swap to provide a safe place to buy, sell, and donate bicycles. If you have a bike to sell or want to buy a bike we’ll tech check that bike and run the serial number through our software to verify bike ownership because no one wants to buy a stolen bike. We’re proud to be the only Bike Index Ambassadors in Calgary and Calgary Police attend and support us and our event. The police and RCMP have seized bikes from online sales and pawnshops based on what we do.

We work with over 30 groups to rebuild donated bikes too and have over 80 partners that help us help others.  If you have an unused or have outgrown a bike we have a partner that would recondition that bike for re-use.  Please consider contacting us if you are putting on a community clean-up, we’ll make sure those bikes are re-cycled to someone that can use them (pun intended).

Municipalities spend millions on cycling infrastructure, but nothing on cycling education.  We fund legitimate cycling education through CAN-BIKE, which is the only recognized cycling education program in Canada and there are only four (4) CAN-BIKE cycling instructors in Alberta.  Want to learn how to ride safely and proficiently?  Alberta Bike Swap CAN-BIKE

We added children’s bikes to our events because it helps families.