Christie Residents Association (CRA)

Within our SCA Boundaries, there is a separate residents association in Christie Park called the Christie Residents Association (CRA).  For information about the CRA, please contact Azad Chandler at 403-478-2923.

If you live in Christie and you are painting your fence this summer, the CRA reminds you of the Restrictive Covenant (RC) regarding fence colours that all homeowners must adhere to.  The colours are part of the Christie identity and reduce the visual impact of fences in our neighborhoods.  The RC states that fence colours should be Olympic brand “Pilgrim Red” and “Chamois”;  unfortunately, Olympic no longer manufactures the Pilgrim Red colour.  Although it is possible to get similar colours made by Olympic or other paint manufacturers, they are either darker or lighter than the original.  This can cause problems, such as when one neighbor uses the lighter colour and one neighbor uses the darker colour.

To avoid this problem, the Christie Resident’s Association has made arrangements with the General Paint store at 3901 – 17 Avenue SW to supply both of the original colours.  These colours have been matched to the original Olympic paint colours.  Just go in and ask for Christie fence paint.  You’ll even get a substantial discount!

If you have questions about the fence paint colours, please contact CRA volunteer Cameron Taylor at 403-710-6160.