SCA COVID Rules for Events

Current COVID-19 protocols may be found: HERE

SCA CA Events Covid 19 rules:

(Rules and Guidelines are subject to change without notice and do not include sector specific guidelines)

  1. If you are experiencing any of the Covid 19 symptoms, have traveled outside of Canada in the past two weeks or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or traveled outside of Canada do not enter the SCA CA.


  1. Entry Points to the SCA CA: (Unless otherwise directed by the SCA CA office)
  • Main hall enters through the loading doors.
  • Founders’ room, Board, North and south rooms enter the building through the main doors.
  • North room must use the stairwell at the back of the building only
  • Basement through the lower basement doors


  1. Please be aware the main doors to the building will always remain locked. Do not unlock the front doors for any reason.


  1. You are responsible to oversee and keep updated with all procedures to ensure public health guidelines are followed. All procedures can be found:


  1. Signs have been placed throughout the facility, please comply.


  1. Masks must be worn when entering the building, leaving your room, while you are in any hallway, foyer, or washroom in the SCA CA. Once in your designated room you can remove your mask.  If you are participating in    intense physical activity it is recommended not to wear a mask.  It is strongly recommended to keep your mask on if you are not participating in intense physical activity.  For more information: file:///C:/Users/LakatosShelley/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/MV5BAFU7/Face%20Coverings%20Bylaw%20Business%20and%20Operator%20Guide%20(003).pdf


  1. All participants must complete the Covid-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist the day of your event. You must keep documents on file for a minimum of 2-weeks.


  1. All events must ensure to have an accurate contact list for all guests, vendors or anyone that enters the building for more than 15 mins. You must keep this list should an outbreak occur and provide the list to Alberta Health should an outbreak occur.


  1. You must communicate to all participants, guests, vendors, staff, or volunteers about the risk of COVID-19 and practices that should be undertaken to mitigate risk.


  1. Events must designate a responsible person to oversee your activities to ensure public health guidelines are followed.



  1. Participants must park in parking stalls and not in the fire lanes.


  1. Children shall be escorted to their designated washrooms.


  1. Events must ensure all participants do not enter any other room that has not been assigned to you.
  2. Only your guests are permitted into the building or able to use the washrooms.


  1. Washrooms are NOT to be used as changing rooms.


  1. Washrooms will be assigned to rooms. The SCA CA office will determine which washroom your guests will


  1. All guests must refrain from sitting or crawling on any floor surface without a mat underneath them


  1. Guests, participants, staff, vendors, and volunteers must practice physical distancing: keep at least 2 meters (about the length of a hockey stick) distance from people outside your household or cohort family. 3 meters for intensity fitness and dance classes.


  1. When possible, provide natural ventilation by opening windows and doors wherever possible to increase air flow.


  1. Participants are to practice respiratory etiquette, cough, or sneeze into your elbow.


  1. Cheering, yelling, and singing are discouraged as it presents a high risk of spreading droplets.


  1. Hand hygiene must be practiced throughout your event.


  1. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the building. All events are to bring their own sanitizing solutions – AHS info:


  1. All groups are responsible to sanitize all high touch surfaces, tables and chairs used for the event with the above sanitation solution and sign off on the provided cleaning lists.


  1. Refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps or any contact that brings participants with 2 meters or promotes contact.


  1. Water bottles should be labelled with the name of the owner.


  1. Do not share water bottles or any type of equipment. Participants must bring enough water to last throughout your program. The kitchen is not available for any groups and water fountains must not be used unless you have booked it.


  1. Any equipment brought into the building must be sanitized before and after event.


  1. The SCA CA will not have a lost and found. Left over items will be disposed of at the end of an event.


  1. All events will need to sanitize their assigned room and washrooms prior to leaving.


  1. Currently the SCA CA does not have a community poster board to advertise activities etc.


  1. Once your event is finished you must leave the building and are not able to enter another room. Socializing should be kept at a minimum and occur outside of the building.


  1. Groups shall not use black event chairs. Only blue plastic chairs are to be used for any event.


  1. Failure to comply to any guideline issued by the SCA CA, Alberta Government or Alberta Health will result in the full loss of your damage deposit.