Homeowners’ Association Fees

To lawyers and/or real estate agents:

Our SCA Community Association provides recreational and social events in our community.  If you’ve come here regarding homeowners’ fees, you may be enquiring about the SRA – the Strathcona Residents Association, which is NOT us.

We are aware that the developer of Springhaven (an area in Strathcona) seems to have inserted mention of SRA association fees into property deeds.  However we don’t believe the SRA exists, and we don’t believe fees have ever been collected.

You can try contacting the original developer United Inc 403-265-6180, or Walter Barron Professional Corp 403-267-2277.


Also, there are dozens of Homeowners Associations or Residents Associations in Aspen – none of which are administered by us at the community association.  Please contact the original developer of each area for more information.


Good luck!