Community Directory

The SCA maintains a up to date community directory with shops and services, recreational programs, and elected officials.  Choose from the list below the directory you are interested in:

Strathcona Square's beautiful Cape-Cod design allows shoppers a uniquely professional and local experience, whether it be for a jug of milk, or for fine clothing or dining Shops & Services

This list shows shops and services local to Aspen, Christie & Strathcona, primarily from Strathcona Square Shopping Mall.

sports Recreational Programs for Minors

This list shows the closest recreational program for minors, based upon current information from the districts.

 canada Elected Officials

This list contains phone numbers for City of Calgary, Province of Alberta and Government of Canada elected representatives, as well as representatives from both school boards.

Become A Part of the SCA Community Directory!

Email to have your business, service, recreational program, or elected officials office be added to this database.  Thank you for keeping the residents of Strathcona, Christie & Aspen up to date!