Gentle Yoga

In our gentle but strong yoga we practice restorative yoga poses that take us into the parasympathetic system (ie healing & repairing the body).  We also practice classical poses of yoga such as Warrior poses and of course the restful Savasana pose at the end.  By starting with a restorative pose at the start, our practice is that much stronger, moving into each pose while using breath as our anchor.

If you are not familiar with restorative yoga poses, think of moving into relaxing poses using breath work.  These poses energize, repair and help the body with any maintenance work it needs to stay healthy and strong.   Gentle Yoga is a beautiful blend of gentle and strong yoga asanas (poses ) to strengthen and add increased range of motion, flexibility and body awareness. We use props and there is modifications are always possible.  Wonderful for any level.

Thursdays from 12:00 to 1:15pm

Registered 8 weeks $120.00 or drop in $18.00/class.

Contact – Joanne Gerlitz –

Prepared by Joanne Gerlitz, Yoga Instructor