Yoga (Older Adult Chair Yoga)

Older Adult Chair Yoga (Sherry) 

Why try yoga?

  • Improve your mobility, strength, balance and vitality.
  • Explore the breath and relaxation.
  • We work hard with our bodies, and learn to rest fully.Your experienced instructor, Sherry, will give options for older adults with mobility or other health issues.  Chairs will be handy for use as yoga props, or for assistance with balance.  Yoga is about connecting with your body and breath, and MINDFULLY moving in safe and healthy ways, for the long haul.  You will gain confidence as you explore the movement.  All participants must have a current SCA membership (just $10/year).


2020 SUMMER Adult Chair Yoga – On-line

10 weeks – $55 + $2.75 GST = $57.75

All Levels – Mon, Jun 22 to Aug 31 @ 1 – 2 pm, – No Classes Aug 3

All Levels – Wed Jun 24 to Sept 2, 10:00 – 11:00am No Classes Jul 1


Release & Indemnification:  I am aware that it is a condition of participation in any recreational activity or program provided by or on behalf of the SCA and the City of Calgary and its agents, servants or employees, that the participant does so at his/her own risk and that the SCA and the City of Calgary are not liable for any loss, damage, injury or ambulance service resulting from or in connection with such participation.  SCA members signed up for the service through the media platform ‘Zoom’ is done so at the member’s own risk and the SCA is not responsible for any liabilities associated with the information you provide to ‘Zoom’, the use of ‘Zoom’ and/or the operation of the ‘Zoom’ Media Platform.


Fall 2020

#1 Beginner: Mon Sept 14 to Nov 23, 12pm (no class Oct 12)

#2 Intermediate: Mon Sept 14 to Nov 23, 1:05pm (no class Oct 12)

All Levels Yoga: Mon Sept 14 to Nov 23, 2:10 (no class Oct 12) – Will incorporate seated and standing postures

#3 Intermediate: Wed Sept 16 to Nov 18, 10 am

#4 Intermediate w/ floor work: Wed Sept 16 to Nov 18, 11:05am – must be comfortable getting up/down from the floor

$55 + $2.75 GST = $57.75 (10 weeks)


You can also visit us Monday-Friday, 10 am-1 pm or call us at 403-249-1138.