Choric Kids – Ages 4 & 5 – $216
This young children’s class is geared to developing clear, expressive speech and confidence in communication. Children participate in choral speech, storytelling, drama games, and role-play activities. Kids will develop a love of literature as they explore poetry, play, and stories. It sets a great foundation for early reading, as children engage with language, sound, and literature.

Thursday afternoons,  2-3, pm, September 10 to December 3, 2020

Drama Kings & Queens  – Ages 6, 7, & 8 – $216

Thursdays, 5 – 6 pm, September 10 to December 3, 2020

Speak Act Play – Ages 9, 10 & 11 – $216
This is a performance-based drama class where students will have opportunities to prepare for events. Classes are based on the RCM Speech Arts and Drama examination curriculum. Students explore poetry, prose, and drama, while honing their skills in acting, public speaking, storytelling, mime, and improvisation.

Thursdays, 6:15 to 7:15 pm, September 10 to December 3, 2020

Summer Drama Camp
School grades 1 to 6
Children will have fun, build confidence, and discover the joy of language in this creative camp. Imagination will take center stage as students explore a variety of children’s literature through creative drama, improvisation, and storytelling. There will be a group performance at the end of the week.
August 17 to 21, 2020
9am – 12pm grades 1-3
1pm – 4pm grades 4-6
Lower Level Atrium @  SCA Community Association


For information and registration, visit: www.francesewington.com