Drawing with Young Rembrandts

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A Different Kind of Learning! A Powerful Kind of Fun!

For over 30 years Young Rembrandts has been teaching children how to draw. Children already love to draw – we just take their love a little further, by giving them a solid foundation that will take their drawings from doodles to confidence boosting achievements.

We teach drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts to children aged 3 ½ to 12.

Our unique, proven method and step-by-step curriculum dispel the myth that art is a talent a child has or doesn’t have and demonstrates that art can and should be learned by all children.

Our unique, proven method and step-by-step curriculum foster a wealth of skills such as fine motor skillshandwriting readiness, and attention to detail. Children taught using our method develop increased patiencediscipline, and focus as well as a host of artistic skills such as art vocabulary and history, drawing and art skills, and expanded creativity, imagination and confidence.

Young Rembrandts is a different kind of learning and a powerful kind of fun!




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Phone: (403) 457 – DRAW (3729)

Email: angela.ewanchuk@youngrembrandts.com