SCA Food & Beverage Policies & Procedures

  1. Food
  • Outside food is permitted for private events. Food may be provided by Renter directly, or through a catering service contracted by the Renter.  Food may be prepared off-site and delivered to the SCA or may be prepared in the SCA kitchen.
    • SCA kitchen has commercial-grade food preparation and cleaning equipment and has current Food Handling Permits from Alberta Health Services.
  • Renter and/or caterer is to ensure that all appropriate Province of Alberta food handling, preparation and service regulations and procedures are followed.
  • Kitchen rental time must include time needed for preparation, cooking, storage and clean-up.
  • Renter is responsible for disposing of all food service waste properly in outdoor garbage bin, removing all food service equipment and leftover food, wiping all tables, counters, etc. to restore them to the condition in which they were provided to the Renter, and cleaning all equipment belonging to the SCA provided for the function (coffee/tea equipment, etc.)


  1. Beverage
  • Non-alcoholic – There are two options:
  • Renter may supply and serve non-alcoholic beverages and all necessary materials and supplies themselves.
  • Renter may hire a third party to provide beverage supplies and service.


  • Alcoholic
  • In ALL cases, acquiring, displaying and complying with all regulations and procedures of the appropriate Province of Alberta liquor license (typically a Private Special Event License) is the responsibility of the Renter. For guidance see:
  • The Renter is also responsible for purchasing all alcoholic beverages, delivering them to the Hall no sooner than the commencement of their booking time and removing all alcoholic beverage containers (full, partially full, or empty) from the SCA upon completion of their event. We do not require Party Insurance but strongly suggest it.
  • There are two options for dispensing alcoholic beverages:
  1. The Renter may provide their own “bar staff”. Please note: While it is not technically required under the terms of a Special Event License, the SCA strongly recommends that if Renters are providing their own bar staff, at least one should have completed ProServe liquor staff training.  For guidance see:
  2. The Renter may choose to have a third party provide bar service. The SCA does not provide bar service. Please note: event guests may not bring their own alcohol.
  • As with food, renter is responsible for disposing of all waste, removing all beverage service materials and supplies and doing whatever basic cleaning is required to return the building to an “as found” condition.


  1. Food & Beverage equipment, materials and supplies
  • The only equipment, materials or supplies the SCA can and will provide on request are coffee and tea preparation equipment (but not service supplies).
  • All other equipment, materials, and supplies for food and/or beverage preparation, service, and/or consumption are the responsibility of the Renter.
  1. This includes, but is not limited to, table coverings and all other linens; dinnerware; glassware, cutlery, all cooking, holding, dispensing, and serving equipment, etc.
  2. All such equipment, materials, and supplies must be removed from the SCA by the Renter upon completion of their event.
  3. All such equipment, materials, and supplies may be provided by the Renter directly, provided through a catering service, or provided by an event rental.
  4. Please note that items may not be delivered to the SCA before scheduled event time. SCA staff or volunteers will not sign for any deliveries.