SCA Room Measurements, Capacity & Rental Terms

Weddings – Full Building Rental

 Saturday 8am-2am          $2,362.50 + GST = $2,480.63

Friday setup 4pm-2am    $262.50 + GST

Total                                    $2,625 + GST + $25 Recycling Levy = $2,781.25



  • $600 non-refundable deposit to secure reservation
  • $1,000 non-refundable deposit 6 months prior to event
  • Remaining balance due 3 month prior to event
  • $500 damage deposit taken immediately before event


Room Measurements

 Main Hall                           52.8’ x 52.5’                      ~2700 sq ft

and Stage                           30’ x 11’ (x 28”high)        ~  300 sq ft

MH vaulted ceiling ~30’ high; lower light vaults have hooks for decoration attachment ~ 12’-14’ above floor

Front Entrance                  9’ x 12’                 ~ 100 sq ft

Front Lobby                       17’x 24’                ~ 400 sq ft

Founders’ Rm                   19.5’ x 36.5’       ~ 700 sq ft          (good for buffet)

Loft                                      40’ x 23’              ~ 900 sq ft          (good for ceremony)

North Rm                           16’ x 26’              ~ 400 sq ft          (good for groom’s party ready-room)

South Rm                           16’ x 26’              ~ 400 sq ft          (good for bridal party ready-room)

Board Rm                           11’ x 18’              ~ 200 sq ft          (good for storage or cloak room)

Total Room space – Main & Upper            ~ 5700 sq ft        (not including lobby, hallways, kitchen, bathrooms)

Parking lot                         115’ x 150’          55 stalls               (street parking also available)


Capacity                         Seated – Dining                Seated – Theatre             Standing

Main Hall                                          200                                      300                           500

Founders’ Rm                                  30                                         45                              59

Loft                                      no F&B permitted                           140                           190

North Rm                                          15                                         24                              30

South Rm                                          15                                         24                              30

Board Rm                                          12                                         20                              25


Tables & Chairs

60 rectangular tables 30″x70″, which seat 6-8 people each (47 on main floor, 13 upstairs)

27 round tables 60″ diameter*, which seat 8 people each (all on main floor, 22 Main Hall, 5 Founders Room)

7 square card tables 35”x35”, which seat 4 people each (6 on main floor, 1 upstairs)

All tables standard height, 28.5” high

240 black cloth chairs on main floor

140 navy plastic chairs upstairs

L-shaped bar 57” x 85”, on wheels



1) The Renter agrees to use the facility in a lawful and careful manner, to prevent damage to the facility or injury to the participants, and to prevent any nuisance from occurring in or around the premises of the facility. The Renter further agrees to return the facility to the condition in which the renter receives it.

2) The Renter agrees that the damage deposit specified above will be applied to any damage or excessive cleaning charges incurred to the facilities during the term of the rental. The Renter further agrees to indemnify the Association for any costs incurred, more than the damage deposit, to restore the facilities to the condition in which the Renter received them.

3) Additional set-up, clean-up, and take-down time on the day(s) of the Agreement Period will result in a fine of $15.00 (plus GST) for every 15-minute interval utilized by the Renter, above and beyond details agreed to in the Rental Agreement.

4) If the City authorities (police, fire, other) and/or the Association’s representative(s) are called to the building during the Renter’s event for a false alarm (eg children pull a fire alarm), the Renter will automatically forfeit a minimum of 50% of the damage deposit, up to the full amount of the damage deposit. If the City authorities and/or the Association’s representative(s) are called to the building for negligence or malicious disregard of the rental terms by the Renter or the Renter’s guests (eg: police are called by nearby residents for noise complaints,  fighting in the parking lot;  or non-compliance of rental end-time needing police to be called to evict the Renter), the renter will automatically forfeit a minimum of 50% of the damage deposit, up to the full amount of the damage deposit.

If there is a legitimate medical, fire or police emergency on site, the Renter should not hesitate to call 9-1-1 for assistance.  If the call for authorities is not caused by negligence, carelessness, or malicious actions, then no charge will be withheld from the Renter’s damage deposit.

5) Association insurance does not extend coverage to third party users. Regardless of the nature of the rental activity, the Renter must be made aware of their liability. In some instances, a person’s own home insurance will extend coverage to them outside of their home, but they must investigate, and obtain proof of their own insurance coverage for the Association. The Renter must acknowledge the Association DOES NOT provide any insurance coverage for the Renter’s participants or activities.

6)The Renter agrees to save, indemnify, and hold the Association harmless from any legal liability for bodily harm, injury, or death or property damage arising by, or because of, the use and occupancy by the Renter of the facilities, no matter how caused.

7) The Renter further agrees to waive any right to recovery against the Association, for any loss or damage incurred to the Renter’s property, during the term of this Agreement, and the Association specifically states as a term of the agreement that it is not liable for any loss or damage incurred.

8) The Renter is responsible for setting up all tables & chairs. Depending on the event timing, the Renter may be responsible for putting away all tables & chairs from the same locations that they removed them, or the Association’s care taking staff may do this for you – please discuss the specific option for your event with the Association’s Office Manager. If the Renter moves tables or chairs between levels of the building, the Renter must return the tables and chairs to the same level they started on. All large events do NOT put away tables and chairs – the care taking staff will do this.

9) The Renter shall remove all the equipment (sound, catering, decoration, or other), food, drink, tables/chairs etc brought onto the premises immediately after the event behind held – it is not possible to store such equipment in our building overnight as it may interfere with other rentals the next day.  The Association reserves the right to remove such items and takes no responsibility for their condition.

10) The Renter agrees to remove all garbage and place it in the agreed upon location, as determined by the Association. If using a garbage bin, garbage must be placed directly into the bin and not on the ground. Should there be garbage on the floor the Renter is responsible to sweep the floor. Failure to do so will result in a Damage Deposit fee.

11) The Association prohibits the throwing of rice, bird seed, flower petals, confetti or any other material tossed in the building or around the property. Also prohibited are open flames/wax candles (small votives inside a protective container are acceptable), and helium balloons (due to high vaulted ceilings).

In addition, the Association prohibits pinning or sticking any posters or other decorations on walls which would leave scars or holes.  In general, renters should not impair any part of rental areas.  Only painters’ tape should be used on floors or walls.  All tape must be removed by the renter.

12) The Renter is responsible for completing all items listed on the Renter’s Cleaning Checklist before vacating the Facility.  The list can be found on our website.

13) If alcohol is served, the Renter agrees to obtain a current permit and comply with all regulations, including display of the permit in full view at the bar.  For large banquet events, the Renter must supply a copy of the permit to the SCA in advance of the event.

14) Liquor consumption laws must be always adhered to.  Alcoholic beverages must cease being served at 1:00a.m., or earlier as stated in your liquor license or this rental agreement, with a 30-minute period being afforded for final consumption.

15)  Smoking only at designated areas outdoors.  Planters must be checked for Cigarette butts.

16) The Renter shall pay a $50 fee for any lost keys and/or access cards.  Keys will be considered lost if not returned within 48 hours.

17) The Renter shall pay a $75 fee for any NSF cheques.

18)  If the Renter must cancel:  For smaller events/meetings (in a single room, rent below $250), requests must be received more than four weeks in advance; for payment(s) already made, cancellations can be refunded, less a $25 admin fee; or payment(s) can be applied to a new date.  For larger events (in Main Hall or multiple rooms, rent over $250), requests must be received more than three months in advance; original deposit and installment payments are non-refundable; all payments can be applied to a new date, less a $25 admin fee.

19) The Renter agrees to monitor the volume of music played during the rental Agreement Period and to ensure that this is reasonable and that the neighbourhood residents are not disturbed.

20) The Renter retains accountability and responsibility for the behavior and conduct of all persons using the facility as part of their rental activity. The noise must be reduced prior to 10:00 pm; this includes but is not limited to yelling, shouting, loud music, and horns. The City of Calgary noise bylaw must always be adhered to. Residential complaints due to noise, or any public disturbance caused by the behavior of the Renter or his/her Guests will be subject to a Damage Deposit fee at the discretion of the Association.

21) The Association reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, before or during the Agreement Period if the Renter is not complying with the Terms and Conditions herein.

22) The Association reserves the right to enter the facility during the Agreement Period to ensure that these Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

23) Board or staff of the Association and the Calgary Police Service, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission or other authorities wishing to inspect the rental activities have full and unconditional access to the rental activity, event, or Facility as deemed appropriate by them.

24) Calgary Police Service and Calgary Fire Department personnel have the authority to enter the Facility premises and conduct occupant load counts during the Agreement Period to ensure the premises is not overcrowded, there are no blocked exits, and there are no activities which may be hazardous to the occupants of the premises, or the facility itself.

Board or staff of the Association and the Calgary Police Service have the authority to cancel any rental activity in the Facility and have the authority to remove, or have removed, any persons from the Facility if it is felt that the Facility is not being used for the purpose for which this agreement is intended, or, that the Renter is not complying with the Liquor Control Act,  Alberta Occupational Health and Safety code, the City of Calgary Bylaws or the Associations Bylaws.

If you are not covered by your homeowner’s policy, then consider buying one-time event coverage through or another similar broker.