Calgary Police Alert – Increase in B&E and Theft in the Community

There is a new wave of break and enters and thefts in the areas of Aspen, Strathcona and Christie Park. Please take measures to deter criminals of getting in your property. The majority of the break and enters and thefts that were reported to police were preventable. Criminals acted on opportunity more than anything else as they used opened garage doors, unlocked cars and house doors to commit their crimes. Please make sure to do the following EVERY night before bed:

  • Close and lock your garage door(s);
  • Lock your car(s) even if parked in the garage;
  • Do not leave ANYTHING valuable in your car including your garage door opener, wallet, keys, sunglasses and any currency;
  • Lock the man door leading to your garage;
  • Lock all outside doors to your house;
  • Lock all doors on your 2nd floor. It happened in the past that criminals used opened doors on the 2nd floor to get access;
  • If you have a camera system (CCTV), make sure it is functioning properly;
  • Leave a light on at your front door and if you have motion lights around your house, make sure they are functioning properly.

If you see suspicious activities in your area, do not engage the suspects. Call police right away. And please provide as best as you can:\

  • A description of the suspect(s). Clothing, age, gender, height, weight;
  • A description of their vehicle. Make, model, colour;
  • Get the license plate and the province;
  • Their direction of travel.

We understand those measures are not magical but it is efficient to deter crimes.

Lately, a white and a dark colour SUV were spotted and we have strong suspicions that multiple offenders are acting together.