FAQ – Mowing of City of Calgary Fields

As Calgary moves out of a particularly rainy May, Parks and Open Spaces wanted to provide an update about their mowing operations. Parks’ higher priority greenspaces (like regional parks, community parks, community playfields and roadsides) have received or are completing their first cut of the season, with some areas already moving into their second and third mowing cycles.

Do all communities get mowed at the same time?

Calgary has a variety of sub-climates meaning some communities receive more moisture than others – this past May saw a high volume of rain which slowed down Parks’ mowing operations. They need to let the grass dry out before mowing to ensure it is safe for their crews and also to make sure their equipment will not damage the turf by sinking into the grass. 

Why are we delayed with mowing this season?

This year, The City and our mowing contractors are all facing similar challenges securing staff, equipment and resources so we have been looking for creative solutions to reallocate Parks trained staff from other activities to mowing in areas where they can. Parks appreciate your patience as they work together to address these issues. Areas that require attention can be submitted by contacting 311. Parks & Open Spaces is actively working on reallocating resources and increasing our internal capacity to mow in conjunction with contractors and will continue to do so throughout this season aiming to better position ourselves for a smoother mowing season in 2025.

Mowing by the numbers 

  • 7500 CFL football fields — area of land that Parks & Open Spaces mows during the growing season; equivalent to approximately 4000 hectares
  • 20 mowing cycles — maximum times that high-use park spaces, like regional parks and playfields, are mowed per growing season
  • 10 mowing cycles — maximum times smaller community parks are mowed per growing season
  • 4 mowing cycles – how often boulevards and major roadways are mowed per growing season